About Us

Dynacom offers a depth of skills to help with your project needs. Emmy award winning graphic design talent combines form with functionality, taking your communications to new heights.

Communication ranks up there with breathing and eating among life’s basic functions. Our goal is to help you create engaging, efficient communication.

Computer, video, audio, print, or classroom-based, live or post-produced content — we help you say it better so we can keep your company on track with informational awareness or marketing leads.

Instructional design enables the best, most comprehensive presentation of your information. Editorial provides solid written support for your project or product. International experience brings the ability to handle foreign language work and worldwide deployments.

Finally, project management talent keeps all aspects of your project timely and cost-effective.

Contact Dynacom for all your digital signage needs as well as for corporate, sports, and educational software design and development.

Our Story

Dynacom founder, Jerry Sullivan:

Back in the day, I was blessed to be working at a place was brimming with PhDs and other college professors. After paid work, we’d gather in available rooms and transition to work on our masters degrees. The worlds of video (emotion) and computers (intelligence) had collided and the future would be one of interaction with both.

In search of others with similar interest I co-founded what became the International Interactive Communications Society (IICS). We published a refereed journal, multiple newsletters and held national conferences and local meetings. We held a competition to recognize the top talent in this exciting new “multimedia” technology with touch screens and laser discs. Many titles came from military applications and education.

Back at work, over five years I watched ownership of my employer switch hands to Simon & Shuster, to Gulf & Western and to others. Each time, dozens of my co-workers were let go. It felt like the only job security was to start your own business.

In 1989 I started Dynacom. One of our first clients was Whirlpool. We created a touch screen display on a Macintosh computer called WOW (Window on Whirlpool). In it, we told the stories of how each of their product lines (washing clothes, air conditioning, etc.) evolved over thousands of years. Whirlpool was growing overseas into India and China. It was time to think big and get all employees on board with a global mindset. It was an employee call to action.

Since then:

  • Interactive titles for education:
    Diez Temas Interactivos: Video clips from the BBC. User listens to native speaker and then records own voice to compare the two.
  • Work for Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Computer graphics and statistics for TV coverage of professional sports
  • Emmy Award for one of four Summer Olympics
  • Organized BP’s first ever worldwide webcast working (in part) with Mark Cuban’s Broadcast.com before he sold to Google for $6.8 billion dollars
  • Created software to help manage investments a $16 billion pension fund
  • 12 years implementing and managing digital signage for one of the biggest companies in the world

While working with corporate America, I was living a not so secret double life with professional sports coverage for television. For decades, I sat in TV trucks at Wrigley Field, The United Center, Comiskey Park and so many others.

I travelled around the continent covering golf events and went to some of the most beautiful places during their best weather. Summers in Canada, Seattle, Boston, Chicago. Winters in Mexico, Florida, California.

People in the industry will say this is NOT a glamourous workplace. But most I know still get that thrill of going to work with a Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Neil Young.

OK, I’m dating myself, but you get the idea.
Now, you can take advantage of all those years of experience.

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